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Heaven Sent 100 % Baby Alpaca Cape offered in

White with denim trim or Denim with white trim.


DP-11284 - WHITE - 485.00 Sold Out

DP-11283 - DENIM - 485.00 Sold Out


Heaven Sent 100% Baby Alpaca cape

offered in Denim or White


DP-11256 $ 140.00

DP-11256W $140.00


Heaven Sent 100% baby alpaca cape with hood

offered in denim blue

DP-11258 - $210.00 Sold out










100% Baby Alpaca Cape offered in a beautiful soft camel color

Baby alpaca cape Rauana/coat wrap (classic alpaca) Sold Out

$220.00 Sold Out

Color and Sizes listed are what we currently have in inventory.  If you do not see the size you are looking for in the color you want please give us a call for availablity