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The rubbing together of fiber using soap, heat & agitation. A process by which a batt of fibers is converted to a consolidated layer of fibers, by developing a very high level of fiber entanglement.  The felting of animal fibers, especially wool is achieved by vigorous mechanical action in a damp environment.

We offer two different types of felt.  Raw pack felt and garment felt. 

The "raw pack felt" is done by washing, picking and felting, this provides a textured look.  Some common uses for this felt are boot liners, dog beds, weed barriers, rugs, etc. 

With "garment Felt" we wash, pick, card into a batt, then place the fiber onto the felting frame.  This produces a uniform and smooth look to the felt.  The most common uses for this felt are cut and sew projects, inserts for knitting, patch work projects, etc.


Felting Prices: De-haring of fiber not included
Raw Pack Felt

Washing, picking, felting

$35.00 per pad
Garment Felt Washing, picking, carding, felting $45.00 per pad

These prices are for wool, alpaca and llama only.  For any other fiber type, please call.  Minimum of 2 pounds of fiber.
For heavier pads, prices are based according to weight.