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Things we can do

* We will process as little as 2 pounds of your fiber and we can process all types of fiber from the very finest micron count upwards.  If you send us any fiber to process that is less than 2 pounds, you will automatically be charged for 2 pounds.

*  You can have your fibers spun 100% or in a blend.  We even have other fibers that we can blend with yours if you like.   Keep in mind that certain blends may not complement your main fiber.  When in doubt please give us a call.

* We can process many types of fibers, while our specialty is processing fine and exotic fibers.  We take great pride in producing only the very finest products for our customers.  As a special service to our customers we offer the following fibers for you to blend with your own special fiber.  Call for current pricing and availability.

Superfine Merino Tincel Yak Llama Mohair
Merino Wool Types Bison Angora Kid Mohair Camel
All other Wool Types Silk Linen Qivuet Cashmere
Alpaca (all types)       Flash