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Things we can do

* We will process as little as 2 pounds of your fiber and we can process all types of fiber from the very finest micron count upwards.  If you send us any fiber to process that is less than 2 pounds, you will be charged automatically for 2 pounds. 

*  You can have your fibers spun 100% or in a blend.  We even have other fibers that we can blend with yours if you like.   Keep in mind that certain blends may not complement your main fiber.  When in doubt please give us a call.

* We can process many types of fibers, while our specialty is processing fine and exotic fibers.  We take great pride in producing only the very finest products for our customers.  As a special service to our customers we offer the following fibers for you to blend with your own special fiber.  Call for current pricing and availability.

Superfine Merino Tincel Yak Llama Mohair
Merino Wool Types Bison Angora Kid Mohair Camel
All other Wool Types Silk Linen Qivuet Cashmere
Alpaca (all types)  Nylon /Merino Bland for Sock Yarn     Flash


Things we can not do

* Please note that we cannot process any fiber over 5.5 inches in length.  If it is necessary to cut your fiber, additional cost will be applied to the standard processing fee.


Things that happen

  1. Weight loss during processing of the fiber is common.

  2. Washing removes much of the natural oil and dirt from the raw fiber.

  3. With merino wools and greasy fiber types, it is not uncommon to have as much as 50% of the weight of the raw wool consists of lanolin.

  4. Cashmere for example may loose only 10% of it's weight from washing.  Average loss  for alpaca and llama is Approximately 15/25% total - again, this depends on how dirty the fiber is.

  5. Picking also results in weight loss as additional vegetable matter is removed.  Carding also removes some vegetable matter and small fibers resulting in some weight loss.

  6. The important point for you to remember is that all processing results in some loss of weight from the raw fiver you send us.

  7. We wash all our fibers in hot water and natural soaps and conditioners.

  8. We ship via USPS unless otherwise instructed.

  9. Prices may be changed without notice.

Things we have to do

We are limited in space and are not set up for long term storage.  Therefore, upon the completion of your order, if we have to store your fiber for any longer than 30 days, a $35.00 Storage fee will be added to the total amount due for every 30 days until the account is paid in full.  Any unpaid processed fiber remaining on our premises longer than 90 days becomes the property of Falls Edge Farm and Mill and will be sold to cover the cost of the  processing fee.

Sometimes we receive raw fibers from our customers that cannot be processed to the high standards that we maintain, or the fiber may be in such shape that we determine it could damage our equipment.  For these reasons we reserve the right to reject fiber we determine to be unsuitable for processing. 

     * If you have any doubt of the suitability of your fiber for processing please send us a small sample and we will be happy to let you know at no charge.

     * If any fiber sent to us is matted or felted together it will be returned to you at your expense without processing. 

All fiber processing orders are filled on a first come first serve basis.


 Things we would like you to do

Please Fill out the Fiber Processing form.  Be sure to read about interest and storage fees.  

You do not need to send any money with your fiber.  We will call you after we have had opportunity to see your fiber and we are ready to process it to discuss your ideas and options for processing.  At that point we will send you a deposit request via email prior to processing.  Your final balance will be due upon completion.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, electronic Payment thru Intuit, PayPal, Cashiers Check, Personal Check or Money Order.


Click on the link below for a processing form - please include 1 form for each batch of fiber you want processed separately.

fiber processing form

Ship to: 132 Tripp Road Benton, Pa 17814