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Rug yarn is a wonderful way to utilize your 2nd and sometimes even your 3rd cuts.  We wash, pick and if necessary we will tumble your fiber to remove as much of the vegtable matter a possible.  You will have your choice of Jute or a Cotton Core depending on what you would like to do with the yarn.  Rug Yarn makes a beautiful rug when you knit or crochet it up and can be used to make any number of exciting projects such as dog beds, macromae, beach bags seat covers - go ahead use your imagination and see what you come up with.  We can make a solid color or do a mix of blended colors however we do not guarantee that one color will be cleaned out of the machine prior to starting the next color.  Given that this fiber is often waste it is not as clean as your blanket and often colors are mixed. 


How to ensure you are sending in the proper type of fiber to make rug yarn?  Well just about any of the leftover fiber is usuable, if you are skirting your blanket - throw the fiber you are taking out of there into your rug yarn bag and no need to worry about yarn staple .  You will want to pick out as much of the VM as you can and of course you will want to take out any of the Urine soaked fiber as that will not wash out. 

If you have all white animals you may want to consider having Us dye some of the fiber as I don't know how much white rug yarn you would be able to sell think about it Would you want a White rug at your Kitchen sink? 

We package our rug yarn in bumps - each bump is measured at 55 yards per bump.Because it is basically waste fiber when it goes thru the machine there is a lot of loss, some fiber just won't go thru.    We feel that it will be a better product for you to resell on a smaller bump as you can make so many different things with the yarn that some people may try a project out if it isn't quite so expensive. 


So what is the cost?  Unlike our yarn where we charge by the pound - our rug yarn is priced by the yard due to the loss there is no way to make each bump an exact weight, we can however get each bump at an exact yardage.  Please note that the rug yarn comes our very uneven this is not like your regular it has bumps and bobbles in it as well a thin spots.  


Our processing price per yard is .48 cents per yard - 55 yards x .48 = $26.40.  We often run specials so please check if it is on sale as it often is.